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Sandy Ramesh
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The Sounding Board
    Folk Music & More
West Hartford, CT

Dr. Peter Meadow
Chiropractic Center Of Farmington
519 Cooke St, Farmington, CT
 (860) 674-9112
For Gentle & Effective Treatment

Hand Built Pottery
 By Elisa Kayser Eaton
From New Hartford, CT
(860) 379-0632,

Asia Grocers
 Fresh Fruits, Produce,
Beans, Rice And
 Indian Specialties

44 South Main Street
 River View Plaza
 East Windsor, CT
(860) 831-0013

230 West Hill Rd
 Newington, CT
(860) 570-1112

Compassionate Living Project

Well on Wheels:
Vegan cooking classes with
 Mary Lawrence

The Hartford Food System





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